Graduate (PhD) Training in Clinical Psychology

Dr. Ray expects to admit graduate students into the Clinical Psychology PhD Program at UCLA on a yearly basis. Dr. Ray is also interested in co-mentoring graduate students in other areas of training at UCLA, particularly those in Neuroscience and Health Psychology with interests in addiction. The ideal applicant to the UCLA Addictions Laboratory has an outstanding academic record, a strong interest in clinical neuroscience of addiction, and a collaborative and productive work style. Graduate students in the laboratory will be expected to run their own independent studies, under Dr. Ray's supervision, and to get involved in ongoing lab projects that match their interests. Dr. Ray also co-directs (along with Dr. Steve Shoptaw) an Addiction and Behavioral Medicine Clinic in primary care, at the UCLA Family Health Center. Graduate students will have opportunities to work on both research and clinical endeavors in the laboratory, although the focus of the training at UCLA is on research given its Clinical Science orientation.

Dr. Ray is often asked the following question: Who is a good fit for graduate training in your laboratory? Here are some of the characteristics we are looking for:

a) Meet the admission standards from the UCLA Clinical Psychology PhD Program

b) Passionate about studying addiction

c) Strong interested in the clinical neuroscience approach to addiction (background in neuroscience is not a requirement instead we look for a strong interest in learning)

d) Strive to make strong scientific contributions to the field (see CVs from current students who are actively publishing and presenting their work)

e) Collaborative and open to feedback

To inquire about openings for pre-doctoral positions, please email Dr. Ray (