Smoking Cessation Study

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The Addictions Research Laboratory in the Department of Psychology at UCLA is looking for individuals, age 21 to 65, who smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol regularly to participate in a study investigating a combination of medications (varenicline and naltrexone) for smokers who drink regularly. This study involves taking medication for 14 weeks in addition to 12 in-person visits over 7 months. During these visits, you will be asked to complete questionnaires about your health and drinking and smoking habits.

Participants will be compensated up to $370 for participation.

To get more information about the study and complete a screen, please visit

Or call: (310) 206-6756 and mention the “Smoking Cessation Study.

  1. Treatment Resource Packet: Downloadable version.
  2. ProjectKnow: Popular Ways to Quit Smoking